Game Rules

1. Games will consist of 3 x 20-minute running-time periods. Warm-ups will be 5 minutes in length starting when the Zamboni has left the ice. There will be a flood after every 2 periods.

2. If a game is still tied after the 3rd period, it will proceed to shootouts. For the shootouts, 3 Players from each team will be chosen. If the score is still tied after the 3 first rounds of shooters, then shootouts will proceed to sudden death until a player scores and the opposing player doesn’t. AHA reserves the right to end the shootouts at any time.

3. Scheduled game times are approximate. PLAYERS MUST BE PREPARED TO START THEIR GAMES 10 MINUTES BEFORE OR AFTER THEIR SCHEDULED START TIME. Players not prepared to start at least 10 minutes ahead of their scheduled time may lose playing time.

4. Neck Guards are optional. Mouthguards are mandatory for players wearing visors, and are optional for players wearing full face shields. A referee reserves the right to eject any player not wearing their mouthguard and other equipment properly.

5. Minor Penalties: Any minor penalty will result in a penalty shot for the opposing team. Referees have full discretion as to what consists of a minor penalty.

6. Major/Game Misconduct Penalties: Any player receiving a major or game misconduct penalty will be ejected from the game. The severity of the penalty will determine the player’s eligibility with regards to participation in the remainder of the showcase. Penalty severity lies entirely in the judgment of the on-ice official and the AHA staff.

7. Fighting Penalties: There will be ZERO TOLERANCE FOR FIGHTING in the showcase. Any player who engages in a fight will be ejected from the game and showcase and will notreceive a refund.

8. For all games, handshakes will occur at the conclusion of the game.

9. A player of the game award will be awarded at the conclusion of each game.

General Rules

1. ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY: Taunting or berating of any players, officials, staff, or tournament volunteers will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances by parents, players, team officials or other spectators. AHA reserves the right to eject any person whom it deems in its sole discretion to be acting in an improper manner and we accept no liability in connection with such ejections.

2. All referee & AHA staff decisions are final and may not be appealed.

3. Check In: Every player must check-in at the registration desk, no less than one hour before the team’s first scheduled game. The player will be required to fill out a tournament check-in form. Each player is to collect his or her AHA Showcase Jersey upon registration.

4. No shooting, stickhandling, or passing of any objects is permitted anywhere in the facility other than the ice surfaces! Any damage done to any dressing rooms that is not reported will be the responsibility of whichever players of the team that previously occupied the room when it is discovered. Any pre-existing dressing room condition should be immediately reported to tournament or building staff BEFORE proceeding onto the ice.

5. AHA is not responsible for any on or off-ice injuries that may occur to any of the players during the showcase.

6. A player may be ejected from the showcase if they are found to be responsible for damage to tournament facilities (including host hotels) or theft of any kind. AHA will not be held responsible for these aforementioned actions committed by any of the players during the showcase. Legal action may also be imposed on the player(s) who committed the offense.

7. Refunds shall not be granted unless expressly determined by AHA at its sole discretion, in accordance with applicable policies and regulations. 

8. AHA reserves the right to change or alter these rules at any time without prior notice in order to act in the best interests of the showcase and the arena.