Prep Hockey

Prep Hockey

As hockey advisors, we aim to find you a prep school that fits your academic and athletic goals. We work with a vast array of programs both in USA and Canada. So, if this is a route that interests you, send us a message today to see how we can help you get there.

There are many ‘prep’ school options that hockey advisors provide for clients, and are found in the USA or Canada. Canadian prep schools are either in a sanctioned or non-sanctioned league, and costs generally range from about $15,000-$45,000 depending on the program. Most prep teams in Canada play a 30-50 game schedule and have a fair amount of travel showcases and tournaments.

The model in the USA is slightly different, where there are the classic New England Prep schools that play a traditional 30-game schedule and are highly touted for both academics and athletics. The other US option is AAA academy-style programs, where players will play a 50-60 game AAA schedule and have a partnership with a school. Days are structured and routinely planned like a prep school, and quite a bit of travel is involved.

Both options are solid routes depending on your preferences and goals, and our hockey advisors are well-connected to get you to these programs.

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