Collegiate Hockey

Collegiate Hockey

Want to continue your education and play at a high level of hockey?
We work with multiple collegiate leagues in both Canada and the USA, and as hockey advisors, we will find the program that is the best fit for your academic and playing goals.

Leagues we work with:

Determining which collegiate league you can fit in to is largely dependent on the junior/prep program you come from. The majority of college teams want players with junior experience, while the lower-end ones have some exception and will take players from prep school or sometimes AAA.

The cost for collegiate programs is very wide, as certain leagues can offer scholarships while others cannot. If you are a D1 player, teams can offer you athletic scholarships that could potentially have you paying nothing at all. These scholarships range from 100% to 0%, and all depends on how much a team wants you. If you come from Major Junior in Canada, your signing package might cover the costs of Canadian university as well, so a lot of players opt for this once they finish playing junior if they do not go pro right away. At the NCAA D3 level and below, schools can offer academic scholarships, but nothing for athletics.

Working with a hockey advisor to find the right fit for your collegiate program is critical during the process, and they have the knowledge to know what programs are best for you from both an academic and athletic standpoint. They will work with members of the colleges to help find the packages that can lower your cost, and will aid in the application process for you as well.

Contact an advisor today if you want to play collegiate hockey.